A Romantic Tragedy

If he had been with me by Laura Nowlin is a story of relationships over time spanning from elementary through post high school graduation. The very beginning alludes to a tragedy, and readers will wonder what could possibly go wrong throughout the book.

Autumn and Finn have been neighbors and friends most of their young lives. As is customary, this changes once middle school rolls around. Although they no longer hang out together, they are still in each other’s lives based on proximity and because their mothers are practically sisters to one another.

As both move on to new friend circles as well as a respective boyfriend/girlfriend, Autumn begins to realize that she is in love with Finn. It is pretty clear to the reader that the feeling is mutual; however, it seems unlikely that they will connect romantically. Spoiler ahead-

Until they finally do.

This story is compelling and beautifully sad, and it will definitely appeal to teen readers.