Cold Revenge

Jezebel by K. Larsen is a book that I wasn’t too into and wouldn’t normally finish, but I did so here goes.

The plot centers around a senior in high school, Annabelle, who gets in trouble for drunk driving.  While being completely grounded at home, she must also do community service hours at a rehab facility.  It is here that she befriends Jezebel, a spit-fire of a 50-something year old with dementia.  Jezebel tells Annabelle a French “love-gone-wrong” story every Tuesday through the remainder of Annabelle’s senior year.  During that time the two bond, and Jezebel helps Annabelle get over the anger of losing her brother from a hit and run.  She also manages to get Annabelle to reconnect to her parents AND find a new boyfriend.  However, the ending of Jezebel’s story reveals that she is actually the jilted lover from her tale, and she is only there for revenge against her ex-husband SPOILER who just so happens to be Annabelle’s dad.  She kills Annabelle before taking off with her current husband (also her closest male friend in her story).

There was potential, but I found several issues with the story itself.  One oddity is that a woman would give graphic sexual details while story telling to a teenager.  This just seemed weird to me!  Also, that someone would go to ALL this trouble to get revenge SO many years later.  Why not go for the ex-husband and his new wife and call it a day?  It just didn’t add up for me.  Finally, there was poor editing with so many typos.

This book was highly recommended in a social media group I follow, so there are fans out there, I just don’t happen to be one.