Girl Power

Moxie by Jennifer Matthieu is a book I randomly grabbed from a high school display showcasing books about strong women. It met this claim.

Vivian has always been a quiet, good student. Her high school is in a small Texas town with a very macho vibe. The school is focused on its football team and the star player’s dad is the principal. Girls are subjected to random dress codes while boys can wear and behave however they want. She is fed up with the injustice.

Vivian pulls inspiration from her mom’s punk rock, feminist background and creates a zine called Moxie. Moxie is a way for girls to unite against their unfair treatment. However, she doesn’t tell anyone except her new boyfriend that she is its creator.

Moxie begins to unite the girls, despite school administration’s threats to stop them. Vivian makes a new friend while rekindling some previous relationships along the way. Ultimately she learns that it’s better to use your voice than to suffer in silence and that the strength of a common group can accomplish anything.