Lasting Impressions

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E. Schwab spans 300 years of Addie’s life. Her story begins in a small town in France in 1714. In a desperate moment to escape a forced marriage, she promises her soul to a dark god, Luc, in exchange for a life of freedom. Her freedom is granted with a strange twist: no human remembers her past their first encounter and she remains the same age (23 if I’m remembering correctly). It’s the ultimate freedom and curse. Once someone walks away or falls asleep she instantly becomes a stranger to him/her. She is unable to leave a mark, have possessions, write or speak her name. Until she figures out some ways to bend the rules. 

We follow Addie through her experiences with numerous times, places and people. Addie is tempted to surrender to Luc numerous times. But her stubborn will and the promise of new encounters keeps her going. Everything changes when she meets Henry. He is a young man who actually remembers her. An intricate love story begins in which Addie feels truly seen. She finally can share her story. But things take a sad turn once she realizes that her relationship with Henry is all part of Luc’s plan. 

I found this story to be a satisfyingly steady and constantly intriguing read. One can’t help but think about the people that cross our paths and the impressions we make along the way.