Random Choice

After reading a few kid books, I’m ready for some adult time.  I had some credit to use with my Amazon Kindle and found a review for KL Slater’s The Mistake.  A review of “You won’t be able to put it down” gets me almost every time, along with comparisons to Gone Girl and The Girl on a Train (love both of these).

Overall, this read was a nice break, but nothing I would rave about.  The controlling, horrible boyfriend made me absolutely crazy.  I hated him and was aggravated with Rose for putting up with him as long as she did. This is a credit to the author’s ability to create a solid character.  Rose’s brother Billy’s death and finally finding out “who done it” was somewhat forced for me though.  Not a big shocking surprise, but rather a… really?  

So it will be back to kid literature for a while.  Next up will be more of the Intermediate Nutmegs while keeping my eyes and ears open for the next adult novel.

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