Complete 180

The blog title is not the name of the next book I read, but the complete change it was from my last read.  The Hate U Give is a MEATY book.  Chocolate Fever, by Robert Kimmel Smith, is about as far from meaty as you can get (food pun absolutely intended).  The story was published in 1972, yet I imagine keeps on staying around because of the mention of chocolate.  Who doesn’t love chocolate?

This is not a random read for me.  It happens to be the One School, One Book selection at one of my buildings.  Since I wanted to be “in the know,” I grabbed a copy for some weekend reading.  I read it in about an hour, and honestly, just wanted to finish it as quickly as I  could.  This book is like a watered-down Dahl book for me.  Henry Green eats so much chocolate that he develops chocolate spots all over.  He runs away in shame and luckily comes across a doctor who is able to give the cure.  The lesson meant for kids is to practice self control and moderation.  A pertinent lesson for any age, but a bit too simplistic in this story for my liking.

Childrens’ books can certainly have depth.  This just isn’t one of them for me.

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