Three in One

Today was a book fair day, and I took the opportunity to do a quick read of three titles.  We all have young kids in our lives, whether our own children, nieces, nephews or a friend’s child.  Any one of these three titles would be great gifts!

The first,  Love by Matt de la Pena and Loren Long, has been popping up in different library lists that I receive.  This is a beautifully written story showing all the many places/people that give and receive love.  It shows that love can be found in many places.  For me, it’s not just love, but finding beauty in the unexpected.  Its illustrations are rich and invite opportunity for talking about multiple situations and cultures.

Next is a random eye-catcher, Unplugged by Steve Antony.  A little robot named Blip gets unplugged for the day after a blackout.  He is able to escape into nature and make some friends before returning to his computer terminal.  He acknowledges that there are very cool things he can do while hooked up to the computer, but that interacting in real life is pretty wonderful.  What a great message for all ages!  This one reminds me a bit of a much younger kid version of Wild Robot (a great intermediate read).

Finally, there is Good Day, Good Night by Margaret Wise Brown and Loren Long (again!).  Wise Brown is the same author of Goodnight Moon, a book that brings me back to reading every night before bed with my babies.  This story is just as sweet, with beautiful illustrations and simple text showing animals at wake up and bed time. It’s a perfect book to read aloud and share with a child.  I think this one would have been a favorite in my house.

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