Creepy Treat

After so many young reader books, it was a real treat to read an adult novel.  I was beyond excited to borrow an advanced reader copy of Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage from a friend.

Suzette is a stay-at-home mom to her seven-year-old, mute daughter Hanna.  The story moves back and forth between Suzette and Hanna’s perspectives.  Suzette struggles with her own state of health along with feeling ineffective as mother to her troubled daughter.  She often thinks back to her own difficult relationship as a child with her own mother and the happiness of her life before children.

Hanna’s mind is a very twisted place.  Hanna senses her mother’s discomfort and disdain of her.  This drives her to continue a twisted game of trying to get rid of her mother.  She is a perfect angel for her dad which creates additional conflict between her parents too.  I couldn’t help be reminded of the movie The Omen while reading!  This book is disturbing in a similar way to the movie.

I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next throughout the entire book.  The ending (especially Suzette’s last statement to her daughter) made my jaw drop.  There is even the hint of a sequel.  Sign me up!

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