Batter Up

The Hero Two Doors Down by Sharon Robinson was a pleasant surprise for me. I cringe to admit that I am not a baseball fan.  I would not normally select this book; but chose it since it’s a 2019 Nutmeg nominee.  The Prologue evoked an emotional response from me and basically hooked me into the story.

Sharon writes about her dad and his young neighbor Steve.  It is a mostly true account of Steve’s love of the NY Dodgers and his hero Jackie Robinson living just a couple houses away from him.  Steve had a rough time controlling his emotions and behavior in school.  His love for his dad, baseball and Jackie Robinson’s friendship as a neighbor greatly helped him gain some control in his life.

This story is narrated for younger readers.  Important topics such as discrimination, religion and learning self control are all parts of this book.  These topics are explained in an approachable, understandable way.  Through all the events is the friendship between Steve and Jackie (along with his family).  The story ends with photographs of the family members which makes the story and Steve’s voice even more palpable.  This book will definitely be a hit to baseball fans and beyond.

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