Sail Away

Seven Dead Pirates by Linda Bailey is not your typical coming of age story.  Sixth grader Lewis Dearborn is socially awkward and painfully shy, but that all changes once he  befriends the seven pirate ghosts that live in his great-grandfather’s home.

Lewis’s great-grandfather passes away shortly after turning 101 years old.  He leaves his grand old home on the Atlantic coast, named Shornoway, to Lewis and his parents.  Lewis immediately feels drawn to his new tower room overlooking the ocean.  But, things change when he realizes that pirate ghosts are sharing the room with him.  Lewis’s great-grandfather promised them that Lewis would be the one to bring them to their pirate ship, the Maria Louisa, which is an exhibit in a nearby museum.   Their ultimate dream is to reach the pirate paradise, Libertalia.

Lewis reads them pirate stories, buys them second-hand clothes and prepares a plan to bring them back to their ship.  His growing friendship with the pirates emboldens him in other areas of his life (namely at school).

Ultimately, the pirates rediscover their ship and manage to get revenge on the band of pirates who caused their deaths.  The message of being bold enough to take a chance for change relates to multiple characters.  There is action, humor and unlikely friendships, all combining to make this a jolly good read 😉

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