Ten-Year Mystery

The Lost Night by Andrea Bartz brings readers into the fuzzy, forgotten memories of main character Lindsay’s past.  Her close friend Edie died while alone in her apartment during a drunken night ten years earlier.  The case is considered a suicide, but Lindsay is determined to figure out what really happened.

She begins investigating the case.  Lindsay starts reaching out to their group of friends from that time.  They haven’t been in touch since Edie’s death.  Doing so opens a wide cast of possible suspects, including Edie’s own mother.  Lindsay also confides in her current friends for help.  As she starts to unveil certain moments from that night, she can’t help but wonder if she may have had something to do with Edie’s death.

Finding out more about Lindsay’s psyche makes her seem a likely suspect to the reader as well.  There are some surprising twists along the way.  Eventually we find out the truth about Edie’s death while almost encountering another murder along the way.


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