Lots of Love

Ghosted by Rosie Walsh is a love story with some tragedy along the way.  Sarah and Eddie fall madly in love during a chance meeting while Sarah is visiting her parents’ in England.  She feels that this is the real deal, until Eddie ghosts her.  He won’t return any of her attempts to contact him, and he isn’t visible on social media at all.  It’s as if he’s just vanished.  Her friends try to reason with her that he changed his mind and that she needs to let him go.  But she can’t and doesn’t for the entirety of the book.

Meanwhile, we discover more about Sarah’s past.  SPOILERS AHEAD

Sarah frequently writes to a younger sister that she lost in a car accident.  In fact, she was visiting the accident site the day she met Eddie.  For a while, the author had me believing that Eddie was responsible for Sarah’s sister’s death which is why he cut himself off.  Instead it’s the opposite.  The terrible accident actually killed Eddie’s sister, not Sarah’s, and Sarah was partly responsible.  Sarah’s sister never forgave her for the accident, and has not spoken to her since.  The backstory is filled in as to why/how this happened.  This, of course, is the reason Eddie cut ties with Sarah.  Once he realized who she was, he couldn’t bear to be with her (right away anyway).

Sarah and Eddie eventually reunite and all ends well.  There are some good twists and writing, but the nonstop, obsessive love was too teenager-ish for me.  I would lose my mind having to hear about this guy a million times if I were Sarah’s friend.



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