What Happened to Jane?

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn describes the life of Anna Fox, child psychologist turned recluse.  Anna has gone through a traumatic incident, leading to separation from her husband Ed and daughter Livvy.   She has been agoraphobic the past ten months.  Her days mostly consist of online chess, an agoraphobic support group, old movies, lots of wine, and watching the neighbors.  I wish that I was more familiar with the old movies referenced during the story, because I’m sure I missed important connections along the way.

Anyway, Anna has been able to watch and photograph her neighbors without notice until the Russells move in.  Jane, Alistair and their teenage son Ethan provide a new interest for Anna, especially once she happens to meet Ethan and bond with “Jane.”  Shortly after their meeting, she witnesses Jane stabbed and bloody in the Russell  home.  When Anna attempts to get help, all blame turns back on her.  It seems that Jane is perfectly fine and everyone believes Anna to be crazy and hallucinogenic due to her heavy use of medications combined with alcohol.  Yet Anna can’t shake the feeling that something is seriously wrong.  She attempts to figure out what really happened while in and out of a prescription/alcohol-induced daze.

Important truths are revealed along the way (why she became agoraphobic), and the author keeps the reader guessing as to what (if anything) really happened to Jane.  Just when I found myself getting a bit frustrated with Anna, the story twisted again to reveal the true villain.  In doing so, Anna proves herself to be stronger than she ever believed.

I read that this book may become a movie; it certainly has potential to be a great one.

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