Once Upon a Time

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert will be a quick review for me, mostly because I am feeling extremely time crunched lately!

Alice always dreamed of meeting her famous grandmother, Althea Prosperine, who is the author of a rare book titled Tales from the Hinterland.  Alice has never personally read the book.  In fact, it seems that her mother is determined that Alice have nothing to do with her grandmother or her book.  Alice and her mother Ella constantly  move as if trying to escape something.  This “something” finally catches up with them when Alice discovers her mother is missing.  Alice ventures to find her grandmother’s estate in hopes of finding her mother.  In doing so, she enters a fairy tale realm where she learns more about herself than she ever could have imagined.

I enjoyed a lot about this story, including the writing and discovering who Alice really is.  The fairy tale element slowed me down quite a bit though, as it’s not my preferred type of story.  My daughter highly recommended the book to me, so there is definitely an audience out there!

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