A Wild Ride

We’re Not from Here by Geoff Rodkey is another Nutmeg nominee taking place in outer space, but it’s WAY out there!  Mars is home to Lan’s family, including his parents and sister Ila, along with the remaining humans after a catastrophe wiped out planet Earth.  Time is of the essence for them to find a liveable planet.  The only prospect is the planet Choom, which is twenty years away and is currently home to some unique species.  The Zhuri, giant mosquito-like beings, are its main inhabitants, but there are also the Ororo and Krik (there were also the Nug- more about what happened to them in the story).

By the time Lan’s ship finally arrives in Choom’s orbit, the new regime has decided that humans are no longer welcome.  Lan and his family are the only ones allowed on the planet for a trial period.  His family needs to assimilate to life among the mostly hostile Zhuri, or the entire ship of humans will die. Lan and his family have several close calls as they try to fit into work, school and daily life on the planet.  

It is a uniquely strange story about how they manage to find a few understanding beings and how a dangerous government and its media twists events to best suit their agenda.  Readers of science fiction along with anyone looking for something very different will enjoy this one!

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