Vicious Cycle

The Chain by Adrian McKinty is a page turner that I sped through in just over a day.  This book plays into one of every parent’s worst fears: losing a child.

Rachel is a single mom who has already had her fair share of trials in life when her fourteen-year-old daughter Kylie is kidnapped. This rockets her into a horrifying web known as The Chain. Now Rachel must pay a ransom and kidnap another child to continue the process.  Only when the next link is completed will the kidnapped child be safely returned to his or her parents. Getting the police involved or trying to outsmart the rules in any way will result in everyone’s death. Rachel reaches out to her former brother in law and ex-Marine Pete for help.  Readers follow the entire horrifying process by switching perspectives between Rachel, her daughter and Pete.

The trauma of the experience makes it impossible to truly overcome even after it’s supposedly over.  Rachel wonders if she can break the chain and its cycle of events?

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