Life or Death

Exit by Belinda Bauer follows the events of a botched euthanasia case. The Exiteers are a small group of carefully trained men and women who bring an easeful death to those in need. Felix and new recruit Amanda are Exiteers on scene when the wrong man is euthanized. Ailing father Skipper was supposed to be killed, but instead his son Albert dies. This leaves Albert’s son Reggie, new Exiteer Amanda (who also happens to be Reggie’s girlfriend), and their housekeeper as possible suspects. This prompts a steady plot to figure out how/why the mix up occurred.

The story transitions between Felix’s and the police investigator’s points of view. Felix tries to make amends by getting to know the intended “patient” Skipper and conducting his own investigation of sorts. Meanwhile, the police are trying to track down the Exiteers and motive which unravels an entire gambling racket.

This was a slow, steady read for me with well-written characters and events.

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