Small Town, Big Drama

Olympus, Texas by Stacey Swann is the perfect fix for soap opera fans. The Briscoe family has its share of drama. June and Peter are parents to three children. Their daughter Thea purposefully moved far from her family, and sons Hap and March have not been in contact since March’s affair with Hap’s wife Vera. Peter also has twin children in town, Arlo and Artie, from one of his numerous infidelities. (Note- several spoilers ahead…)

After estranging himself for two years, March returns to town in an attempt to make amends with his brother and mother. This seems to set off a string of other events that force the family to come together, and to confront their own shortcomings. June reflects on her tainted marriage and her damaged relationships with Thea and March. Hap and Vera must face the actual problems in their relationship now that March is back in town. Can Hap ever truly forgive his brother and can March overcome his own rage issues? Artie and Arlo’s close-knit relationship is put to the test when Artie’s new boyfriend is accidentally killed.

There are many intricate pieces to this novel with switching viewpoints from most of the important characters. Readers become familiar with the whole family; it’s impossible not to take sides or to root for favorites.

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