Vacation to Forget

We Were Never Here by Andrea Bartz is my second psychotic female friend read of the summer. Kristen and Emily are best friends who love to travel together. Unfortunately, they are bonded by a terrible secret; they have committed two murders and cover ups together.

The first was during a trip to Cambodia. Emily took Sebastian back to their room, but things turned very rough. Luckily, Kristen came to the rescue which resulted in Sebastian’s death. The friends disposed of his body and attempted a return to their normal lives. Emily suffered from severe anxiety and depression afterward, and Kristen was her rock the whole time. About a year later, the girls decide to travel to Chile. The trip is therapeutic, and Emily feels she may finally be able to leave the whole Cambodia experience behind her. Except their last night becomes a repeat of their previous trip. Kristen kills Paolo in self defense. This time the body is found, and Paolo’s family is wealthy enough to attract major publicity. A serious investigation begins.

The girls’ friendship will be put to the test like never before. During the process, Emily begins realizing that Kristen may be more unbalanced, manipulative and coldblooded than she could have imagined. Can she be stopped?

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