Surf’s Up

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid tells the ups and downs of the Riva family.

It all started with young June and Mick. June wanted more for herself than running her family seafood restaurant, and Mick seemed like the ticket out. He was an aspiring singer with good looks and charisma. His success gave them all that June hoped for until he began having affairs, and eventually abandoned his family.

The Riva offspring, Nina, Jay, Hud and Kit, grew up mostly without Mick while June slipped into alcoholism. Ultimately, Nina took on the mother role for her younger siblings. Nina is discovered while out surfing, and begins making a name for herself as a model. Jay becomes a popular surfer and Hud becomes an accomplished photographer.

The events build to a climax as the siblings get ready to host their infamous annual party, which has grown in size and status each year. This year’s party is full of drama with the return of Nina’s recently returned philandering husband, Hud’s girlfriend who is also one of his brother’s exes, an unknown sibling, and an appearance from the main man himself, Mick Riva.

Relationships, finding oneself and rebirth are all important aspects of this entertaining read.

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