Trick or Truth

Lucky by Marissa Stapley tracks Luciana “Lucky’s” life from the time she is picked up as a baby from a church doorstep to her adulthood. I waited a while after reading this one to type up my post, so names/details are a bit fuzzy!

The man who claimed Lucky is a professional swindler, and she is brought up to join him in this lifestyle from an early age. As much as she wants normalcy, she can’t seem to get away from a life of lies and trickery. Especially when she falls for the son of a powerful, mob-connected female. This woman’s dealings end up landing Lucky’s dad in prison for years.

In the meantime, Lucky and her boyfriend follow a similar path, resulting in them both being wanted criminals. Lucky’s boyfriend ditches her, prompting her to find out more about her past. Lucky takes on several identities in her quest to stay hidden, as she heads back east to finally confront the mother she never met. Through her travels, she protects a winning lottery ticket that she is unable to cash in while questioning if there is anyone that she can trust.

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