Tracking a Monster

Sadie by Courtney Summers is the 2022 Nutmeg winner in the high school category.

Sadie is on a mission to find her mother’s former boyfriend Keith. She knows he is responsible for killing her thirteen-year-old sister Mattie. The story jumps back and forth between Sadie’s point of view and West McCray’s. McCray is running a podcast called Lost Girls. His chapters include the podcast script/notes from his conversations with Sadie’s caretaker/grandmother figure while following Sadie’s trail.

Readers find out that Sadie was molested by Keith during his time with their family, and she discovers that his background includes other victims too. Sadie finds herself in dangerous situations as she attempts to find and kill this monster. During her quest, we learn more about her relationship with her sister and their mother Claire. Will Sadie be able to enact vengeance and alleviate some of her own guilt for her sister’s murder?

This is a suspenseful read, but should be noted as having intense recollections of child abuse.

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