Staying Strong

Fire Keeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley is one of my favorites so far this summer.

Daunis Fontaine is Native American but has never been officially accepted in her father’s Ojibwe tribe due to circumstances surrounding her birth. She still maintains close relationships with her father’s sister and family traditions/culture.  Learning the cultural traditions surrounding death, celebration, and prayer throughout this book were deeply interesting.

Due to her uncle’s death and her grandmother’s illness, Daunis decides to attend college close to home instead of away.  This decision allows her to meet a handsome newcomer, Jamie, who will be playing on her brother’s hockey team. 

Jamie isn’t just another player and his uncle isn’t just the new teacher in town. Both are undercover investigators of meth-x, a drug that is turning up in Native and hockey communities.  Daunis becomes a confidential informant once her best friend is killed.  Lines become blurred between family, friends and a love interest, making this a riveting story that my little summary does no justice to.  

Daunis is a remarkable character- strong, intelligent and fiercely loyal to friends and family. The characters, gripping plot and culture make this an unforgettable read.   

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