Strike Out

Heroine by Mindy McGinnis is my second tough topic read in a row.

Mickey Catalan is a strong senior in high school with a promising future as a softball catcher. Everything changes the night her and best friend Catalina get into a car crash. Mickey’s hip is in bad shape and she has a long road to recovery. Her Oxy prescription seems to be the only thing that can get her through the pain of recovery.

While at a doctor appointment, Mickey is approached by an older woman who offers to supply her with more pills since her doctor won’t. This is when Mickey meets three other teens from a surrounding town who all use. Soon the Oxy isn’t enough and they progress to using heroin.

Mickey is completely addicted and justifies her use to manage the pain and get her through her softball season and a possible championship. There are plenty of family and friend dynamics at play through the story. Events come to a lethal climax when they resort to buying from an untrustworthy seller.

This story explores the harsh realities of addiction. It can affect anyone.

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