Twists and Turns

My latest read, Dead Woman Walking by Sharon Bolton, was a great find.  I happened to pull this one randomly while browsing the New Releases section of my public library.  I love when I choose a book solely on my interest in the book jacket and teaser and it turns out to be a gem!

The story is set in England, beginning with a group enjoying a hot air balloon until they suddenly witness a murder.  The killer sees the group and sets off after them.  There is one survivor, and the murderer is intent to find her.  The story builds background of the woman survivor and how she came to be on the balloon.  The murderer has a lot more to cover up than this one incident.  Patrick Faa, and his family, are heavily involved with the business of organ donation in a completely illegal way.

This story was so unique that it kept me interested for the whole ride.

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