December Break

A break ALWAYS means a chance to read a few extra books!  I feel as though I’ve been reading the last title for a long while.  Little Secrets by Anna Snoekstra was a tough one for me to get through.  This is another random selection from my public library’s new releases section.

This book felt as though it went in circles.  It was repetitive and a bit dragged out.  I kept waiting for something to come together with the porcelain dolls and the drug epidemic.  I thought it would’ve made for a good story if the dolls were being used to smuggle in drugs.  Quite a difference from the doll’s actual origin, SPOILER!, a lonely old woman from a well-known family in town kindly giving them to children she is trying to cheer up after losing their friend to a fire. A fire which never really killed him in the first place.

Overall, this book had odd elements that were never resolved for me.  The paper plate kids (so odd), the corrupt cops (Frank becoming a complete alcoholic by the end of the book), Will’s presence, and the strange switching between points of view to name a few.

This book led me in circles and left me dizzy.

I have a stack of three more books and only about five days of my December break remaining.  Next up is Snow and Rose by Emily Winfield Martin which is added by my daughter’s recommendation.

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