Fairy Tale

I couldn’t help my interest in Snow and Rose by Emily Winfield Martin which at first glance was based on its unique beauty.  The book itself has beautiful pages with little embellishments of color.  It is a gorgeous book.

The fairy tale genre has certainly made a comeback with so many variations across different age levels.  I am not familiar with the original tale of Snow and Rose and feel that it may have enhanced my appreciation of the story to know the original.  With that being said, I still found it to be an enjoyable read which I completed in one sitting.

The characters and setting are enchanting and I loved the adventurous natures of Snow and Rose.  My favorite part had to be the library full of random objects instead of books.  The image of twisting steps leading to all these trinkets is something that would be amazing to see in real life.  Of course there is a story behind every object, and each selected object would become important in their own lives as well.

The ending was a surprise to me, and I liked that it brought the previous elements together, such as understanding why so many animals were out to hurt the little man.

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