Old Favorite

Dean Koontz was a favorite during my mid-late teen years along with Stephen King.  During that time I read just about everything from these authors.  It’s been a long while, so when I saw the newly released The Whispering Room by Koontz, I was compelled to grab it!  I was a bit frustrated upon starting the book when I realized it is the second of the Jane Hawk series, but I plowed ahead figuring that I could fill in the missing pieces.

Reading this was like slipping into a pair of comfy slippers.  The writing is no-fail for me- a great plot with twists and turns and great characters.  Jane Hawk is a perfect woman character: smart, bold and courageous.  She reminds me of Lisbeth Salander from the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series (also awesome!).   She can be ruthless while also stopping to help out everyday people.  This stood out for me when she helped the grandmother, mom and two daughters from a motor vehicle hi-jacking.  Her message to the mom about teaching her daughters to be brave and not victims is one Jane is well-equipped to model.

The sinister story-line of injections that alter people’s brain chemistry, creating almost zombie-like effects is riveting.  You never know what science and power are capable of- a recipe for a great many story lines.

Of course, when everything goes so well it’s hard not to be a bit cynical.  But I don’t care.  I love that it worked out for the good guys (mostly).  I do wish the ending didn’t leave off so abruptly, but of course, that’s par for the course in any book series.  Guess I will have some catching up to do with reading books 1 and 3.

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