Ravens and Riddles

Gabriel Finley and the Raven’s Riddle is my second to last read of the 2018 Nutmeg selections.  This was an interesting one!  I couldn’t help but picture the movie “The Crow.”  Especially in terms of some of the characters’ ability to paravolate (fly as one with their amicus/raven).  In the movie the same thing occurs as Brandon Lee’s character attempts to seek his own justice after death through a crow.  Definitely not a kid movie!  But, back to Gabriel Finley!

Gabriel discovers that he comes from a long line of “bird whisperers.”  They are able to befriend/speak/fly with ravens.  The book is his story of trying to solve many riddles to find the torc which will prevent his evil bird uncle from taking over the world.  There are MANY fantastical elements to this story.  Some of them are evil birds called valravens- they do not laugh at riddles like normal ravens, a dancing, mischievous desk and a trip to the bird underworld realm.

This story is a wild ride.  One I found a bit dragged out in parts, but I think fantasy lovers will really enjoy it.   And who doesn’t love a good riddle?

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