Fighting for Life

Look for Me by Lisa Gardner is a page turner.  It’s a criminal detective mystery to discover who killed a teen girl’s (Roxy) entire family.  Roxy is the sole survivor of the attack who happened to be out walking the family dogs during the shooting.  She is now missing and a person of interest.

The story offers Roxy’s background through multiple perspectives: excerpts from her 11th grade writing assignment entitled “What is the Perfect Family?”, female detective D.D.’s investigation, and Flora, a vigilante and founder of a survivors’ support group that Roxy had recently connected with.  Readers get pieces of Roxy’s difficult past, with its most horrible moments beginning the year she and her younger sister Lola are put in foster care with two manipulative, abusive older teens.  Her mother regains custody of her children giving them some reprieve, until she moves in with a new boyfriend in the same town as the foster home.  Roxy and her sister are forced to face their horrible pasts all over again.

We get a little background information about D.D. and Flora along the way as well.  The book starts with a prologue in which a college student, Sarah, witnesses the brutal murder of all her roommates.  Flora seeks out Sarah in the aftermath of this attack to give her tools to stop living as a victim.  Sarah becomes the point person between Flora and Roxy.  Women in the story have endured horrible incidents, and are attempting to overcome their tragedies in different ways.

The dramatic ending in a community theater (fitting location!) surprised me, while the constant shift in viewpoint kept my attention through this story.  I will keep Gardner on my reading lists.

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