13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough is a memorable read.  I say that because I finished it almost two weeks ago and I still remember so much (unusual for me)!  Let me try to do this review in 13 sentences:

  1. Natasha is part of the most popular group in school coined the “Barbies.”
  2. Natasha almost drowns and suffers amnesia after the incident.
  3. Natasha questions her two “Barbie” friends; were they involved in her near-death accident?
  4. She reaches out to a former, more trustworthy friend (Becca) for help.
  5. Becca is willing to try being friendly with Natasha to help her.
  6. Becca helps Natasha by hinting to the other girls that Natasha is getting her memory of that night back.
  7. The girls are getting nervous and it seems they are guilty.
  8. Meanwhile, Becca’s current friend is feeling left out.
  9. Suddenly, another terrible accident occurs, and this time there’s a casualty.
  10. Everything twists in an unexpected way!
  11. I didn’t see it coming at all and I am not giving away spoilers on this one!
  12. Becca proves to be a smart, strong person.
  13. The ending is the only part that I just couldn’t figure out; it made no sense to me!!

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