Pure Protectors

The Blood Guard by Carter Roy offers some quirky humor, fantasy and plenty of action.  This is another 2018 Intermediate Nutmeg nominee.

Ronan discovers that his mom is a member of the Blood Guard.  This is a secret group whose mission is to protect the thirty-six Pures throughout the world.  This is an important job since the world as we know it would be overcome with evil if too many Pures are ever killed.  To achieve their task, Blood Guard members have unique abilities, such as super speed, incredible “Matrix”-type fighting skills and for some, eternal life.

Ronan’s dad has disappeared, and his mom sends him off with a Protector (Jack) from the Blood Guard.  Their directive is to head to Washington D.C.  Early in the trip, Ronan ends up joining with a girl from his old neighborhood named Greta.  Throughout their journey they face many life-threatening situations as they come across the Blood Guard’s enemy, the Bend Sinister.  This group is determined to kill every Pure, and they are close to accomplishing their goal.

Ronan discovers a lot about his own capabilities (and more about his dad) in the process of arriving in D.C. and reuniting with his mother.  The story leaves off with understanding that there will be a sequel.  I’m not one for sequels normally, but I may have to look for this one.


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