Mantis, Wolf, Boy

Book orders are in and I managed to skim read three elementary reads.

My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis by Paul Meisel is a comical account of a season in the life of a praying mantis.  It begins with P. Mantis’s birth and his evolution to adulthood.  The illustrations are bright and the narration is informative and funny.  In a matter of fact tone, he describes hiding from predators (spiders, etc), and eating many of his siblings.  Very cute!

A Well-Mannered Young Wolf by Jean Leroy is about a hungry young wolf who offers three would-be dinners a last request before eating them.  Each one asks for something that sends the wolf back to his house for supplies.  Of course, his prey has fled by the time he returns.  Except for the final catch, a little boy who promises he won’t leave.  Ultimately the wolf gets his dinner and the boy goes unharmed.

I may have already reviewed this one, (it seems really familiar and I’m too lazy to look back), but here goes!  The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig is a story full of meaning.  The illustrations show Brian as a faded boy that nobody notices.  Teachers don’t pay him much attention and his classmates don’t see him at all.  A new student arrives in class and Brian reaches out in support.  This begins a friendship, and through illustrations and events, we can see that Brian is no longer invisible.  Sometimes, it takes that one person to make a difference for someone.  Very sweet!!

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