Murder Mystery

Conviction by Denise Mina takes readers on a roller coaster ride of secret identities, murder and mystery.

Anna wakes up early to a “normal” day in which she engages her guilty pleasure, starting a new mystery podcast series called “Death and the Dana.”  The day quickly becomes abnormal when her husband Hamish and supposed best friend Estelle announce they’re in love.  The lovers immediately leave for vacation, taking along Hamish and Anna’s two young daughters.

Anna spirals out of control, with nothing but the podcast to keep her tethered to reality.  As it turns out, Anna has a personal connection to two people in the podcast.  One of the people, the rich and powerful Gretchen Teigler, already attempted to kill Anna when she was known as Sophie.

Estelle’s jilted husband Fin joins Anna as they embark on an odd adventure together.  Both are feeling hurt and angry by the sudden betrayal of their respective spouses.  Fin, a former rock star with anorexia, begins documenting their attempts to solve the podcast mystery.  In doing so, Anna’s secret former life is exposed.

Fin and Anna have several near death experiences while traveling to important sites and people from the podcast, before finally solving the Death and the Dana mystery.  Overall, this is an engaging read with some surprises along the way.


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