Making Music

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid recounts the rise and fall of the famous, seventies rock band of the same name told through a series of interviews.  The quick switches from one character to another threw me off a bit at first.  Once I settled into the format, it was as though I was watching a rock documentary, along with all the craziness and drama you would expect of a typical rock band.

The band is founded by brothers Billy and Graham Dunne as The Six, which included Warren, Karen, Pete and his brother Eddie.  Meanwhile, Daisy was making a name for herself in California.  Her incredible beauty and charisma gave her lots of attention in the music industry.  Once The Six move to California, their musical paths cross.  Daisy collaborates on a chart-topping song with The Six.  It’s at this point that they decide to combine their acts.

Seven people trying to work together provides the drama you would expect.  There are power struggles between multiple band members, sexual tensions along with drug and alcohol abuse.  Through all of this the band creates a groundbreaking, memorable album together.  Even though Billy is married to his long-time sweetheart Camila, the chemistry between Daisy and him is undeniable.  Readers will follow the roller coaster ride of this band, and find out what made them break up in the middle of an extremely successful tour.

The author perfectly captures the voices and essence of what it might feel like to be part of the music industry.  All the song lyrics at the end add an impressive touch.  This group and its members feel as real as can be.  Anyone into making and/or listening to music will enjoy diving into the lifestyle through this book.

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