Worlds Collide

Estranged by Ethan M. Aldridge is my final Nutmeg nominee!

This book is a graphic novel, telling the story of two boys switched between worlds at a very young age.  The Human Childe (no name) is raised by King and Queen of an underground fairy realm, while the fairy child Edmund, is raised by a human family.  Both struggle with fitting in.

Worlds collide when the evil Hawthorne breaks up a royal party to take over the throne.  She turns the king and queen into rats, and the Human Childe decides it is time to find his changeling.  He ventures into the world above with his walking, talking candle/paige named Whick.

The Human Childe sees what life would be like in the human world, having a short time with his parents and sister Alexis before the underworld creatures start looking for him.  He knows they won’t stop unless he is able to overthrow Hawthorne, and he knows he can’t do it alone.  The Human Childe, Whick, Edmund and Alexis go back underground to fight Hawthorne together.

They face challenging foes during their travels.  During their adventure, they realize what family really means and they find where they truly belong.

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