Books and Cookies

Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess by Shari Green is an Intermediate Nutmeg nominee written in lyric narrative form. This is a beautiful story in both its message and its writing.  

Macy is deaf, relying on sign language to communicate with family and friends.  This alone can be challenging.  She is dealing with her mom’s upcoming marriage to a man with younger, twin girls which will entail moving from her beloved home and losing their family duo.  It’s been just Macy and her mom her whole life.  Added to this is a major argument with her best friend over an upcoming family tree project.  

Macy is enlisted to help an elderly neighbor pack her bookshelves for her upcoming move to an assisted living facility.  In the process of helping her neighbor, the rainbow goddess Lily, Macy learns quite a bit.  The pair share snips of their lives through notes to each other. Books, cookies and people’s stories have the answers and uplifting messages needed to get through many of life’s struggles. 

She eventually overcomes her frustration with the new family dynamic, heals her friendship and realizes her worth.

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