Haunted Happenings

The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street by Lindsay Currie is another Intermediate Nutmeg nominee fitting the spooky category. Tessa’s family (mom, dad and little brother Jonah) moved from Florida to Chicago for her dad’s new job. Everything is different, especially their creepy, old house. 

Strange things start happening the very first night there.  Tessa hears strange noises, has random drawings appear in her sketch book, and her brother’s creepy doll seems to watch her (among other ghostly events).  Luckily, she manages to connect to a group of new friends who are willing to help her figure out the ghost’s message.  Andrew, along with twins Nina and Richie, join forces with Tessa to get to the bottom of the haunted house.  In doing so, they cause a riff with their friend Cassidy who seems angry to have Tess in the picture. 

Similar to a Scooby Doo episode, the gang goes out to solve the ghostly mystery which takes them on a search into the library, local cemetery (chase scene minus the music! lol) and secret places in Tessa’s home.  Eventually Tessa is able to figure out the cause of her ghost’s anguish.  

This book is a creepy mystery for grades 3-5 showcasing the undeniable strength provided by friends.  

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