Dangerous Relationships

Here’s a two in one:

Sisters by Daisy Johnson is a fast-paced, brain-twisting read. 

July and September are sisters born just ten months apart. They are joined at the hip with older sister September basically calling all the shots. September’s ways are often hurtful/dangerous but July seems programmed to go along with anything she is told. We find out more of the family dynamics as events unfold. 

One key is constant allusion to a terrible incident which forced their mom to move them away from their home. Slowly the incident is revealed. This revelation upsets everything one thinks about story events, leaving the reader to worry and wonder about the main character’s future self. 

I think I read this would become a movie; I will check it out!

The Housekeeper by Natalie Barelli is a revenge story that I finished a few weeks back so I’m a bit rusty on the details. 

Claire has hit rock bottom in her life when she suddenly catches a glimpse of the cause of her demise, Hannah Wilson. Claire takes on a new identity to infiltrate Hannah’s home with a plan to destroy her marriage and lifestyle. 

The more that Claire gets to know Hannah, the more she realizes that Hannah is more disturbed than she imagined. Maybe even more disturbed than she is herself. The strangeness keeps piling up until the sudden twist at the end. 

Claire finally figures out who is really crazy. The story ties itself up in a neat little package by the end with Claire finally pulling herself out of her years-long slump while finding forgiveness and love.

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