Cat and Mouse

The Dancing Girls by M.M. Chouinard is my first read in a long time and how I’ve missed it!!  I was caught up on work and homework making this book a perfect fit during the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Jo Fournier is a lieutenant, but dearly misses her role as detective. She can’t help but get involved in a murder case which is seemingly impossible to solve. The case brings her and her former partner to the victim’s home state as they search for clues or possible suspects. 

The book switches back and forth between the investigative view and the killer’s view. Martin’s background is pretty terrible and has led him to a lifestyle focused on ridding the world of evil women. His hunt involves slowly reeling in women who are unhappy in their marriages and their lives. These women are susceptible to his charms and looking for attention- the perfect victim.  

Martin has gotten very good at outsmarting the system, until he must suddenly face a true enemy. I won’t give the spoiler away on this one, but will say this book was just what I needed- a page turner with some twists and maybe a hint of redemption along the way. 

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