Rough Landing

The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian was one of two books I picked up for myself while Christmas shopping at Barnes and Noble. This book was yet another perfect break from schoolwork. 

The opening scene plunges readers directly into the scene of the crime. Cassie wakes up hungover from another of her many one-night stands. This time is much different considering the man beside her is murdered and she is in the United Emirates. 

After deliberating, Cassie leaves the scene with uncertainty about whether she committed the crime or not. The previous night is a blurred memory since she drank to the point of blacking out. She decides not to take the chance of being locked up while overseas.  She is a flight attendant due to return home to NYC in just a couple hours, so she leaves without telling anyone. She might be home free, until the case hits the news including pictures of her entering and leaving the hotel. 

The FBI is involved because the murdered man, Alex, had his own secrets.  Meanwhile, the woman who we learn did commit the murder, Miranda, is facing the quiet wrath of her Russian mob for letting Cassie go. 

The story follows Cassie’s life as she tries to build her defense while continuing to drink herself numb, alongside Miranda’s involvement and pursuit of Cassie. It was full of the secrets and twists one would expect in a world of murder, undercover agents and spies. There were a couple of unsatisfactory parts in the ending for me, but in no way did they take away from my overall enjoyment of this book (which I heard is also a series)! 

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