A Tasty Bite

The Chicken Sisters by KJ Dell’Antonia was a fun brain break after my heavier reads of late. This book was recently introduced in Reese’s book club. 

Readers will feel hooked from the start comparable to watching a reality tv show (which is actually part of the story)!  It is about a family feud which started years ago between two sisters and their rival chicken restaurants, Frannie’s and Mimi’s.  The feud has lasted through generations. Amanda is one of two daughters of the current Mimi’s owner. She hasn’t been allowed back since marrying into Frannie’s family. 

Amanda contacted the show Food Wars to have the two restaurants filmed.  When they are chosen to be in the show all heck breaks loose. Her sister comes back from NYC to be part of the show. Old conflicts and drama resurface while new issues arise too. I was interested until the very end to find out who would win and if the family could reach any semblance of agreement.  While this is a “lighter” read, it definitely includes deeper topics around family dynamics, self-realization and mental illness. 

One book left from my holiday splurge, and then I really need to get back on track with my homework!

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