Secrets and Lies

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware is a reunion of sorts.  Main character Isa is beckoned by her former high school friend Kate along with the rest of their foursome: Fatima and Thea. The girls were inseparable through high school until being kicked out. 

Isa brings her infant daughter Freya along with her. The journey back to Salten has her reminiscing about meeting the girls and the relationships they built. Kate’s very easy-going dad (also the art teacher at the private school) allowed them to hang out at their house close to the school every weekend. Along with Kate’s stepbrother, the girls drank, smoked and pretty much did whatever they liked until the day that Kate’s dad was found dead. 

The girls devise a plan to hide his death so that Kate won’t be sent away from her home as she is just shy of her sixteenth birthday.  Now it’s almost twenty years later when bones are found in the marsh near Kate’s home. The women need to get their stories straight so as not to destroy their current lives. Or is the damage already irreversible? 

For me, this one is okay…

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