Scientific Love

I’ve been in a reading drought until finally reaching my April break! The One by John Marrs was a perfect remedy. 

This is a sci-fi book that follows several characters in pursuit of their perfect matches.  The Perfect Match happens to be the name of an app/site that asks users to send a DNA sample in order to find their one, guaranteed true love. Users pay a small fee if a match is found in order to receive his/her contact info. Amazing results are promised to follow. 

Nick and Sally are deeply in love and engaged to be married until discovering that they are not each other’s true match. Can a relationship survive the aftermath of this news? Mandy is already divorced and feels destined for loneliness until finding her match. Although, she may be too late once she discovers that her match was in a terrible hit and run accident. Christopher is a psychopathic serial killer; is it possible for true love to change him? Jade’s match lives across the globe from her. She needs to decide if meeting him face to face is worth leaving everything behind.  Ellie’s match seems perfect until she realizes he has a sinister plan. Each scenario includes plenty of interest and unexpected surprises. 

I was hooked from the beginning, and finished the book feeling that matters of the heart can’t be predicted or manipulated, even by science.

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