Hot New Job

Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson was exactly the quirky and unique read that I didn’t know I needed.

Lillian has remained pen pals with wealthy, beautiful Madison even after only boarding together for a few months at the exclusive prep school they attended. Years later, Madison reaches out to Lillian with a special job; she asks Lillian to be a nanny to her husband’s two children from a previous marriage. The kids’ mother passed away and now their dad and Madison are compelled to take over their care. The catch is that the children spontaneously catch on fire whenever they are distressed or angry. The Senator can’t take the chance of ruining his political aspirations, so Lillian’s job is to keep the children away from the public eye and to protect them from themselves.

The story delves further into the beginning of Lillian and Madison’s friendship and how it shaped Lillian’s life. We witness the growing bond that Lillian is able to forge with these two unusual children.

Lillian herself is so wonderfully weird. I loved her character and her interactions with the children and other characters throughout the book. This book is funny while making a statement about parental impact.

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