The Right Note

Emmy in the Key of Code by Aimee Lucido is another 2022 Intermediate Nutmeg nominee. This was a nice read, written in narrative verse, with great word choice to mix music and coding.

Emmy is new in her California school. She spends her first several days trying to figure out how and where she fits. For starters, she has very musical parents and she has always tried to follow their footsteps. Music isn’t natural for her though. She decides to join a coding class, which gives her a new language to learn and grow. This class is her key to finding a friend, Abigail. They bond over their shared love of coding, and their respectful relationship with the teacher. Events build amidst other plot developments until reaching their coding project.

Overall, this is a story of change, friendship and following one’s interests. Readers can learn a lot about music and coding from the story too.

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