Critical Change

The Last Flight by Julie Clark was a pleasant surprise that I read pretty quickly during Thanksgiving break.

Claire has an elaborate plan to escape her politically powerful, abusive husband while taking a work trip. Her plan is completely derailed when her husband changes her flight destination. Miraculously, a stranger named Eva comes along at just the right moment to help Claire escape. The two women exchange plane tickets, which sends them off on very different paths.

One plane crashes, but it’s unclear whether Eva boarded or not. Meanwhile, Claire finds herself in Eva’s life, which is nothing like what she had explained in the airport. Eva was part of a drug ring which was being heavily investigated. There are numerous flashbacks to explain why/how Eva decided to leave everything behind. In the present, Claire’s secret (she wasn’t in the plane crash) doesn’t stay hidden from her husband for too long due to a viral social media post. Claire must decide whether to risk publicly outing her husband’s shady dealings in order to potentially save her life.

Supportive female relationships that overcome intimidation and abuse are at the core of this novel with great twists that I don’t want to spoil!

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