Double the Deceit (Two to Review)

First, I have been slacking a bit by forgetting to put in a finished book from a while back, and reading my most recent book very slowly (unusual for me!). This will be a bit choppy, but here goes…

First and most recent is The Club by Ellery Lloyd. This book is about the exclusive, world-wide celebrity clubs named Home with a large cast of characters to follow. First, there are the primary owners and brothers Ned and Adam Groom, their right-hand woman and publicist Annie Stark, and Nikki is the young woman who was taken under Ned’s wing starting as a coat check girl and moving her way up to his first assistant. Then there is Jess, new head of housekeeping with an ulterior motive for wanting to work among this exclusive set of celebrity clientele, one couple in particular. There are several fictional celebrities involved in the plot as well.

The story centers around the grand opening of the newest addition to the club, Island Home. Guests are secluded on the island for a weekend, and all sorts of craziness unfolds. The chapters transition between different character perspectives, revealing back story and drama for each while also jumping to the aftermath of opening weekend. Spoiler ahead…

We discover that Ned has been blackmailing his top clients for years in order to finance his clubs, and readers find out just how he is able to uncover their darkest secrets. There are multiple murders, motives and deceit taking place from all angles throughout this book, making it tricky to follow at parts, but definitely entertaining.

Second, and going further back, is The Girl From Widow Hills by Megan Miranda. The story’s main character received national attention as a child, when she was discovered in a drain pipe days after going missing during the night. Now many years later, she feels that she escaped her highly publicized childhood by changing her name and moving several times. Her mother has passed away as well, severing all connections to her past… or so she thought.

Suddenly, strange events begin taking place. First she finds a dead man in her yard, and then one of her friends/coworkers goes missing. Once the identity of the dead man is revealed to be her childhood rescuer, she knows that she can no longer deny her past. The story continues with discovering the real story behind her disappearance and the crazy aftermath it created for both her and for all those involved.

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