Drive Away

Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-first Century by Jessica Bruder is the author’s account of years experiencing life on the road.

Bruder expertly weaves informational background to better understand how today’s economy has impacted many to make the brave choice to simplify and reduce their possessions down to what they can fit in a vehicle. One subject in particular is Linda May, although there are many others given page time. This is not about living in a fully equipped RV, but about converting a larger vehicle such as a van into livable space. It is about living as a workamper, which means following good weather and seasonal work opportunities. These opportunities include working for Amazon during the holiday season, and as a camp host(ess) for parks during camping season.

While this lifestyle doesn’t appeal to me personally, I can’t help but understand the desire to leave all the pressures of “regular” life behind and the appeal of bonding with like-minded people. It is incredibly well-written with countless conversation starters.

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