Online Match

Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger is a fictional work exploring the potential dangers of online dating sites. You never know who someone truly is…

Wren makes a match using the Torch dating site, which her friend pushed her to try. After several quick flings, she makes a meaningful connection to Adam. They spend several wonderful weeks together before he suddenly ghosts her. All traces of him lead to a dead end. She may have eventually moved on, except a private detective approaches her about him. It seems that this behavior is a repeat offense for Adam, and the girl before Wren is still missing.

Wren can’t help but get involved in trying to locate Adam and the missing girl. In doing so, we discover that there are plenty of secrets in Wren’s past.

Adam finally reaches out to lure Wren back. Will she go to him and will doing so give her the same fate as the girls before her? This is a decent read for some drama and suspense.

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